Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, please ask someone on the staff, the Executive Director, or the Board of Directors. See contact information on the Home Page.

Q: What is the background of the Bremerton Foodline?
A: See our History of the Bremerton Foodline page.

Q: Where is the facility located?
A: 1600 12th St., Bremerton. The loading dock in the rear of the facility is directly across from Bremerton High School.

Q: How many employees work at BFL?
A: The Foodline has four part time employees. See our Staff page.

Q: Who can get food at the Foodline facility?
A: Anyone who needs food and lives within the Bremerton School District. If you live outside the district, we will direct you to a more convenient foodbank in your area.

Q: What is needed to register for food?
A: Each time you visit for your monthly basket be sure to bring 1) Photo ID (driver’s license or other government issued ID) and 2) Proof of address (a bill mailed to your current residence within the past 30 days, or DSHS medical coupon, or rental agreement).

Q: How often can I receive service?
A: To ensure we have enough food to serve all our clients, our clients are eligible to receive a full food box once per month. If more is needed due to special circumstances, please discuss with the front desk representative.

Q: What does a monthly food box contain?
A: A monthly food box is intended to provide a nutritionally balanced 3 day supply of food containing at least four of the five major food groups. The quantities are based on family size. If you have special dietary needs please notify your server.

Q: What other food options are available?
A: 1. Bread and produce is available daily in the lobby at the Foodline. 2. Commodity staple items are available on a weekly basis from one designated food bank. These items are furnished by the State of Washington and may vary from week to week. 3. Another program is the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) for Seniors over the age of 60, children under the age of 5 (not on WIC), and pregnant or nursing mothers. Please inquire if you feel you qualify. 4. Special holiday baskets are available for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Clients must register specifically for these baskets. Registration begins in late October. 5. Food is also available at St. Vincent de Paul at 1137 Callow Ave. and Salvation Army at 832 6th Street. Both are in Bremerton.

Q: Does the Foodline watch pull-dates?
A: Our staff and volunteer team make every effort to control pull dates so that the food you receive is both edible and tasteful. Because many food products are good after their shelf “pull date”, please ask if you have a concern. Always check the dates and ask for an exchange of product if needed. Look for any postings on our information board about recalled food products.

Q: Who can I speak to with suggestions or comments regarding the Foodline?
A: Please feel free to speak to the Executive Director, any staff member or any member of the Board of Directors. On the home page of the website there are email addresses listed for the Executive Director, the Board of Directors and the webmaster. Letters may be sent to the Foodline address, 1600 12th St. Bremerton, WA 98337. A suggestion box will soon be available in the lobby.

Q: What percentage of the Foodline budget goes to overhead?
A: In 2009 our overhead expense rate was 3.8%. We are currently calculating the rate for 2010 and will have it available after our annual audit is complete by our tax accountant. Our largest expenses are Food Purchases and Utilities.

Q: Where do you get the food that you serve?
A: Food donations, referred to as in-kind donations, and food purchases made with cash donations maintain our inventory. We are contracted partners with major food providers in the Northwest including Food Lifeline (a part of the Feeding America Network) and Northwest Harvest. Many local churches, service organizations, and businesses conduct food drives throughout the year to benefit our foodbank. We could not serve the number of customers we do without everyone’s help!

Q: How many volunteers work at the facility?
A: We need at least 10 volunteers per day to maintain our operations. On a typical day 15 to 25 volunteers work at the facility with their time spread out over the day. Volunteer duties range from interviewing client/customers at the front desk, helping client/customers get their foods, repackaging bulk food products, and handling freighted food products for ourselves and other agencies on the Kitsap Peninsula. We are the biggest food bank facility on the Peninsula and the only one with extensive warehouse storage areas. Our volunteer and staff team are the heart of our service.

Q: Who makes up the Board of Directors for the Foodline?
A: The Board of Directors is made up of 10 – 15 volunteers from the community. The Board members represent a diverse cross section of the community and serve for a term of three years. Meet our Board of Directors.