Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Bremerton Foodline volunteer.

Bremerton Foodline is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to provide supportive services to Bremerton and its communities. Any client, volunteer, employee, or vendor shall not be discriminated against because of race, color, creed, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability.



Please initial after you have read each paragraph.

_____  Everyone Will Be Treated with Dignity and Respect

  • You are expected to be courteous, friendly, and helpful to all our clients, volunteers, and paid staff.
  • Please refrain from gossip and degrading comments. Any issues should be directed to a staff person for resolution.
  • Your personal dignity is extremely important to us. If anyone treats you in an inappropriate manner, you are authorized to stop service immediately and notify a staff supervisor for resolution.
  • Foul or offensive language will not be tolerated by team members or clients.
  • No verbal or physical harassment of any kind will be tolerated. This includes threats, sexual comments / jokes, or fighting.

_____  Safety is our Top Priority

  • Report all accidents to a staff member immediately. An accident report must be completed for all injuries.
  • If a serious medical emergency occurs, remain with the individual and direct the nearest person to call 911.
  • If you observe an unsafe situation, immediately notify a staff member.
  • The Bremerton Foodline is a Drug Free Zone. No one will be allowed to work if they appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • If you are on prescribed medication with potential side effects, please discuss this with a staff member for your specific safety limitations.
  • No one is permitted to use any equipment without the proper training and sign off.

_____ Covid-19

  • We ask volunteers who may be at risk or not feeling well to please stay home and take care of themselves and strongly recommend those with an underlying medical health condition (visit theCDC for more information.) not volunteer at this time.

_____  Dress Code

  • No open toed shoes are permitted.
  • Volunteers must wear shirts that cover their torso and underarm areas. This means no revealing clothing such as tank tops, and midriff tops.
  • Shirts should not contain inappropriate language or logos.
  • Pants and/or shorts should be secured at the waist and must be a modest length.

_____  Sanitation

  • You must wash your hands at the beginning of every shift, after you eat or drink, use the restroom, or utilize the garbage cans / dumpsters.
  • You must wear protective gloves when you are working with any unpackaged food products that clients will eat such as fruit, vegetables, and repackaging items.
  • When working in the repacking room, you will follow the direction of the lead repacking person.

_____ Food Policy

  • Food and drink should be consumed in the break area only, NOT in the warehouse or lobby.
  • Team members are not allowed to take home items from the donation/sorting bins in the main warehouse.

_____  Time Keeping Policy

  • I understand that if I am required to report my hours to outside agencies, I must sign in and out for my hours to be counted. No exceptions. 
  • I understand that no one else can sign in or out for me.
  • No advance credit for working is permitted.
  • I understand that any requests for time sheet updates must be provided to the Office Coordinator at least 24 hours in advance.
  • I understand that my paperwork must already be on file before I request any hours or reports.

_____ Confidentiality Policy

I understand that as a volunteer or staff member of the Bremerton Foodline, I may encounter information of a confidential nature regarding clients or staff.  I understand that it is the policy of the Bremerton Foodline to protect the private information of all client recipients and will not disclose the contents of any records, files, papers, or communications except for approved purposes as directed by the Agency.

Please read carefully before signing.

I have read and understand the Bremerton Foodline team member guidelines, and I agree to follow them when I work at this agency.

I understand that neither the completion of this application nor any other part of my consideration establishes any obligation for the Bremerton Foodline. I understand that either Bremerton Foodline or I can terminate our affiliation at any time and for any reason, with or without cause and without prior notice. I understand that no representative of Bremerton Foodline has the authority to make any assurance to the contrary.

I attest with my signature below that I have given the Bremerton Foodline true and complete information on this application. No requested information has been concealed. I authorize the Bremerton Foodline to contact references provided for volunteer background/reference checks. If any information I have provided is untrue, or if I have concealed material information, I understand that this will constitute cause for the denial.

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