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Quick Start

  • Stop by our location at 1600 12th St. Bremerton, WA. We are open Monday - Thursday, 10am - 1:30 PM.
  • You may come in to receive service once a week.
  • If you are a first-timer at Bremerton Foodline, you will need to register as a client. Mail is not required for registration.
  • Clients who have not been in since August of 2023 will need to re-register since we have switched over our software.
  • We employ a grocery store style shopping model. This allows clients to take what they need, and helps us reduce food waste.
Step 1

To receive food, you may stop by our location at 1600 12th St. (Bremerton, WA) between 10am and 1pm, Monday through Thursday. You will need to sign up for an account and provide the information of everyone in your household you provide food for.

This is a free service, and your household may visit once per week.

Old woman being handed groceries
Step 2

Once your new account has been created, you may need to wait until we have space for you to "shop".

Bremerton Foodline provides a "grocery store" model, which allows clients to shop freely and without any cost. There are quantity limits on certain items, but never on fresh produce. You will be able to "shop" and fill your cart with items, and then check-out at the end.

Step 3

Once you are done shopping, you will head towards the exit and have your items weighed at the check-out by a volunteer or staff member. This ensures that we log all outgoing pounds, which are reported to grant agencies that provide us funding for food.

After you have checked out, a volunteer will help you load up your car or gather your items and help you complete your shopping experience.