About us

Bremerton Foodline was organized by a coalition of churches, social service agencies and individuals, the Foodline has been a source of emergency food and assistance referrals since 1980. Under the direction of dedicated Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers, the Foodline has grown from an all-volunteer food bank into a leading non-profit in Kitsap County.

In 2001, the Bremerton Foodline became a USDA Commodities distributor.  What began as sparsely equipped food storage warehouse is now a thriving warehouse area serving both clients and other food banks in the Kitsap and North Mason counties.

With the help of procured funds, we were able to secure the operations of the facility preparing us and the surrounding community planning efforts to support food access in the event of a disaster.

1980 Bremerton
our history

The Bremerton Foodline is currently meeting the need for emergency food for an expanding number of clients in Bremerton. In 2022, we served over 2,500 households per month which supported over 4,800 individuals per month. In addition we provided daily lobby foods, commodities foods, over 700 summer kids’ bags and 2,500 holiday baskets during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

The Foodline continues to form working partnerships with other social service organizations in our community including United Way, CDBG, Kitsap Community Resources, Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline. We routinely refer our clients to other community services to fill their non-food needs and encourage the distribution of informational materials in our client service area.