Renovating Bremerton Foodline

Our building was overdue for a little extra nurturing and love. A thoughtful board of directors and staff team dove head first into addressing basic building repairs AND envisioning a gracious client service space. Bremerton Foodline owns a beautiful 1910s brick building on 12th Street across from Bremerton High School. Our 8,000 square foot facility includes a grocery store and large warehouse, where we receive and redistribute more than two million pounds of food per year to our partner Kitsap County food banks. 

The $300,000 project is supported by donor funds, grants, and some in-kind contributions and include the following objectives:

  • Move the grocery store to the front of the building for easier access and increased space
  • New efficient client service fridge, freezer combo
  • Create an entirely ADA accessible grocery store, lobby, and restroom
    • Widen doorways
    • Lower service counters
    • Automatic storefront door
    • Widen shopping aisles
    • Build an entirely new additional client service restroom
  • Address damaged walls and 40 year old carpet throughout building
  • Seal and repair the exterior building
  • Repaired and sealed all exterior windows
  • Addition of laundry facilities
  • Build a private client case management resource office
  • Exterior awning and lighting
  • New lighting throughout the interior building

A gracious space also goes beyond aesthetics. A gracious space is all about creating a space that is inviting and welcoming to all. When designing our renovations, we spent time thinking about how our design will make people feel. Is this a space people will feel proud and comfortable to visit? How can our space, systems, and design mimic shopping at Safeway or Fred Meyer? Is this space dignified? Is it safe? How would I feel about a loved one shopping at the Bremerton Foodline? Is our space culturally respectful and diverse?

This large renovation project that started in May is nearing completion and we are projected to be in full service by the end of October. We are eager to share our updates with you. To learn more about our adventure please reach out! We look forward to giving tours AND we look forward to planning phase 2. Stay tuned!