Volunteer Spotlight: Troy Chapman

In the heart of every community lies a hero. Ours comes in the form of a smiling, compassionate soul named Troy. Born and raised in the vibrant tapestry of Mississippi, she grew up during times of segregation, where resilience was a way of life. Her mother’s wisdom guided her: “Ignore the ones calling you names because one day, they’ll want to be your friend.” As the civil rights movement unfolded, she witnessed the world changing, becoming more diverse and accepting.

Troy’s life journey brought her to Washington, where her family grew, quite literally. Between 1964 and 1972, they traveled, adapted, and embraced change. Troy’s late husband worked as a logger, but as the industry fluctuated, he ventured into construction. In this period, they adopted two children, expanding their family to seven.

Post-retirement, Troy found her true calling at the Bremerton Foodline. For the past seven years, her dedication has been unwavering. Her smiling face greets us four days a week, from open to close. But her contributions go beyond time—she’s shared warmth and care, donating crockpots and can openers, ensuring everyone can cook and eat safely. Her love earned her the affectionate title of Mother Chapman in our community. Troy believes in filling hearts, not just stomachs. “If you come in with an empty heart, you’re going to leave with a full heart,” she says.

Her humility shines as bright as her compassion. When asked how we could improve, she offered a vision: “Let’s see if we can fill our semi-truck at least once a year.” And she added a touch of community spirit—hamburgers cooked by our Board Treasurer, Chef Robert Nash, making it a celebration for all.

Troy, your integrity, patience, and grace have guided us through moments of growth and chaos. Your impact reverberates through every smile and heartfelt thank you. We are more than honored to have you on our team and in our family.

*Stay tuned for a new annual event coming summer of 2024: “Troys Fill-A-Truck”